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Aftercare instructions

If you left the studio with a transparent bandage on:

  • We recommend to leave bandage on for 3 days for most people. (Directions say you’re allowed to leave it on for 7 days if there’s no irritation and no fluid trapped within.) 

  • Remove the bandage during/after a warm shower, this may make it easier to remove as the adhesive is warmed up.

  • Removing the bandage can be done whichever way is most comfortable. Some prefer peeling it back on itself, other’s like to pull away from the tattoo.  

  • After removal begin normal aftercare of washing with a plain soap (Dove, Ivory, Dial) and applying a plain unscented lotion (Lubriderm, Eucerine, Cetephil). Tattoo will be quite dry, apply small amounts of lotion about 2 times a day until normal skin texture returns.



Applying transparent bandage at home:

  • Leave on the absorbent bandage applied by your tattoo artist for 3-4 hours. (Some circumstances it may make sense to leave it on overnight, if you’re seeping a lot of plasma or your tattoo appointment finishes late in the afternoon.) Wash with plain soap (Dial, Dove, Ivory) after removal. Don’t apply lotion.

  • Apply bandage the next day.

  • Prep skin before applying the transparent bandage. The area must be as clean as possible from germs, debris and dried plasma. Wash your hands and the tattoo thoroughly with soap and warm water. 

  • Pat dry with paper towel or let air dry, ensuring there is no soap residue, lint, or dried plasma still on the skin. (Don’t use cloth towels, because germs & lint.) 

  • Apply from the edge or from the center, gently smoothing out any air bubbles as it sticks on. Avoid applying in one movement because that will trap large air bubbles.




  • Bandage is filled with plasma, affectionately called an “ink sack”. This is not harmful to your tattoo though it looks gross. Plasma is your body’s response to aid healing your wounds, but by day 3 the plasma begins to break down and is no longer beneficial. You may leave an ink-sack filled bandage on for 3 days, just be sure to take it off by day 3. DO NOT POP, this will contaminate it. Remove if the seal breaks.

  • You notice water has seeped into the bandage after bathing. This means the seal has been broken somewhere and the bandage needs to be removed immediately because it’s contaminated.

  • Skin irritation. This rarely happens on the tattoo itself, but on the non-tattooed skin the bandage is touching. Common in “bendy” areas like the inner elbow bend. Remove the bandage if it’s making you uncomfortable. Some clients decide minor skin irritation is worth the benefits of the improved tattoo healing, that is up to each person and their personal reaction.

  • Leftover adhesive after removing the bandage. This will not effect the longterm healed results of your tattoo though it’s annoying. Continue with normal aftercare of washing and moisturizing and it will gradually come off on its own. You’re allowed to pick off bits of adhesive, but don’t do anything that’s painful to your fresh tattoo.

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