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Tattoo FAQ

If either artists are accepting new appointments, a submission form will be up on the homepage.

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Cash is preferred.

If using card an additional 2% will be charged to cover card processing, Jess accepts Cashapp and Christina accepts Venmo, please prepare in advance.

Taking care of your mind and body in the days leading up to your appointment makes getting the tattoo more comfortable and will help in the healing process.


Get a good night’s sleep and make sure to eat a hearty meal before you come in. Avoid caffeine the day of and avoid alcohol 24-48 hours prior to your appointment. Drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your appointment so your body is hydrated.

If you'd like to use skin numbing for your tattoo appointment, please check in with your artist in advance to confirm your options. There is more information regarding tattoo numbing found here.

Typically 1-3 days in advance. We do not send fully rendered color drawings, you will see a rough draft or outline. Colors are discussed in-person, feel free to bring inspiration if you have a vision for the color scheme.


A rough draft is a sketch that will show composition, flow and layout of your design with all its elements for your approval before the final draft, often in the color blue or red.

The day of your appointment you may still request minor changes if needed. Major design changes the day of your appointment may result in rescheduling and another $50 booking/drawing fee. 


For small/simple tattoos, you may see your design the day of your appointment but with still with enough time scheduled to request changes if desired.

A touchup may be desired for any fallout that happens during the initial healing process. It's advised to get a touchup within 6 months of the tattoo date. Touchups are range from free to $50 to cover cost of equipment and time, depending on the artist and situation.

Your tattoo will slowly begin to look softer over time. If your tattoo is significantly faded we may consider a rework to brighten it up so it looks new again. In that case we charge $100 hourly for reworks (of our work only, reworking anyone else’s designs will be charged the normal hourly rate.)

You're allowed 1 adult guest if you'd like to bring company. For a longer tattoo appointment we find the process goes most smoothly when you come in alone.

We charge by the piece based on estimated time spent tattooing + a separate drawing fee. Example, if you’re quoted a 3 hour appointment at $150 per hour, that would be $450 the day of. If the tattoo takes more or less time than anticipated, the pricing will remain the same the day of.

No, it doesn’t. We’ve decided to do things a little differently at Ferngully Studio. We ask for a drawing fee which is applied to time spent on your design and booking the appointment slot. This allows us to include you more in the designing process and we can spend more time on your drawing!


Tattoos are lovingly drawn at home on our time "off". It can take as long as 5+ hours to create a large detailed design, so the drawing fee goes towards the time and effort spent outside of the studio and the appointment reservation.

Can I reschedule my appointment?

To reschedule one week’s notice is required to keep your initial payment/drawing fee on file for a new date. Less than 1 week’s notice means another $50 deposit will be needed to reschedule. 


This includes but is not limited to: any kind of illness or family emergency, car/transportation issues, work schedule, childcare issues, pet illness, pregnancy or financial crisis. You will need to put down a new deposit when you are ready to get tattooed again.

All payments are non-refundable even if you decide to not get tattooed anymore. 

Like any other specialty luxury service, generally 20% shows your appreciation for good service. That being said, a large scale tattoo a few hours long, we do understand 20% may feel like a lot. Anything is greatly appreciated but tipping a hard percentage is not expected. 

The studio is private. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that will give full access to the area being tattooed. If you're getting a tattoo that requires removal of your clothing, a light jacket or small blanket can be helpful for warmth and comfort. We provide "pasties" when the location necessitates removing a bra. If tattooing the hip it's recommend to wear a long skirt, very stretchy/oversized thong, or a bikini bottom that ties at the side to more comfortably provide full access to the area. You're welcome to bring a light blanket or jacket to cover your body for warmth and comfort. 

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