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Skin Numbing

We allow skin numbing at Ferngully Studio. Misuse of numbing cream can result in it not working, or being turned away. Be sure to follow our instructions and information below!



Approved Brand:  Zensa (can be found on Amazon)

1. Shave the area to be tattooed which helps exfoliate the skin for better penetration.

2. Time your application so when you arrive to the studio the cream has been on for 1-2 hours.

3. Apply a GENEROUS amount of numbing cream. You want it to be a couple millimeters thick, like icing on a cake. If you apply thin it like a lotion it will not be enough! Make it goopy.

4. Wrap the area in plastic-wrap to lock in the numbing cream. 

5. Your tattoo artist will remove the cream in the studio before starting the tattoo.


*If you want to pre-numb you need to prepare in advance. This service isn’t offered in-studio, it takes too long!

*Pre-numbing is best used for smaller tattoos 1-2 hours long because that’s about how long it lasts.

*Don’t leave it on longer than 2 hours, overuse can make the skin too difficult to work with and complicate healing. 

*There are no free touchups or free reschedules due to overuse of skin numbing.



Approved Brand: Feel Better Now! Topical Gel (can be found online from a variety of suppliers)

Numbing gel is used by your tattoo artist during the tattoo, it’s safe to be used on "broken skin” meaning the tattooing has already started. For example, during a color tattoo it will help color blending more comfortable. This works well for larger tattoos & long sessions so you can sit for longer appointments.

*Using a combination of pre-numbing and numbing gel is possible, but it does increase the chances of side effects like rough healing. A touchup may be warranted if your tattoo doesn't heal perfectly as a result, but this is may be worth the risk to some.

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