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Christina Hayes

Tattoo Portfolio

Tattoo artist of 9 years specializing in line work, botanical art and animal portraits. She rarely passes up the opportunity to work on birds, unusual creatures or antique objects.


About Christina

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I'm often asked how I got into tattooing. As a kid I just wanted to be "an artist". When I was 13 I was prompted to draw a memorial tattoo in honor of my Grandpa as the little artist of the family. I got invited to the appointment where my Nana got her first tattoo, a version of this drawing. After it was done the artist had me put on gloves and let me hold her tattoo machine, telling me I could do this too someday if I wanted to! Well obviously it was an influential experience. It was the first time someone told me I could actually be a real artist.

In tattooing I saw how manifesting a person’s inner passions or interests in a visual and physical way can be a meaningful experience. In high school I was drawing all over people with sharpies and drawing the potential tattoo designs they thought of. I started tattooing in 2011, growing up into an adult and a working artist at the same time. It's a privilege to call what I do my career and I appreciate every one of you who have shown interest and pursued working with me!

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