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About Jess Jené

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Thanks for the interest in my work! Little about myself, my names Jess, I am a mom, and licensed tattoo artist in the state of Oregon. 

My tattoo journey started when I was 9 y/o. I use to bring sharpies to sleepovers, and at one point was called the “little tattoo artist” by a friends parent, and that’s where my dream began. I started tattoo school at 18, and got my license in 2019.

I love drawing nature, and folklore, and take inspiration from illustrative and neo romanticism. I will always work with b&w/stippling, but I absolutely love working with color and hope to one day mostly do so. 

I am forever grateful for the people who encouraged, taught and inspired me on this path. Including my clients, who truly all feel like friends when you are sitting in my chair.


Email me to discuss your next tattoo idea!

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